Great moments in bad decisions: Fan interrupts All-Star game, gets rocked by security

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

It all started with a tweet, a tweet that seemed hollow at first: Twitter user @MasoneDylan said if he got retweeted 1,000 times he'd run onto the field during Tuesday night's All-Star game.

A few hours later — after he got those 1,000 retweets — Dylan ran onto the field, wearing a Robinson Cano shirsey. He got near second base and just kinda threw up his arms as security swarmed. The first responder tackled him pretty hard, then security carried him away. Brandon Phillips watched.

Like many stupid things that happen in 2013, this one unfolded on Twitter.

Dylan got scolded by his mom before running onto the field, yet that didn't deter him. The guy is obviously a rebel:

The girl who appears to be his girlfriend made fun of him:

Congrats, Dylan, you're the undisputed dummy of this year's All-Star game. Maybe when you're released you can tell us what that feels like — via Twitter, of course.

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