Grant Balfour and Victor Martinez get into a yelling match, causing benches to clear in ALDS Game 3

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Grant Balfour, the fiery closer for the Oakland Athletics, is known to shout things to himself on the mound. And those things aren't always PG-13, if you catch our drift. He's an intense dude who, by the nature of his job, pitches in intense moments.

Victor Martinez, the the Detroit Tigers designated hitter, wasn't a fan of Balfour's intensity act during the ninth inning of Monday's ALDS Game 3. With Balfour in to protect Oakland's 6-3 lead, he was his usual loud self. But Martinez — who said after the game he was not going to be intimidated by Balfour — took exception and starting yelling back at him. It's hard to say whether Balfour was yelling at himself (again, he does that) or yelling at Martinez when this started, but it's clear that Martinez took it personally.

The upshot? Folks watching at home heard baseball players exchanging F-bombs, then both benches cleared, the bullpens too, and we go to see a throng of baseball players stare at each other one more time this season. Nothing happened, though Balfour looked like he was just as likely to throw a punch as he was a baseball.

Here's video of what happened. Warning: Foul language.

Luckily for Balfour and the A's, this didn't pump up the Tigers and put them in comeback mode. Martinez flew out to right field, and Balfour followed with outs two and three despite a walk. But with the teams now headed to a Game 4 on Tuesday in Detroit, might this be a spark plug for the Tigers, who have lost two straight games? We'll see.

Here's what the two sides were saying in the clubhouse after the game.

And now, for comic relief, A's pitcher Brett Anderson:

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