Gotcha! Jimmy Rollins apparently not out when tagged in tush

They're at it again: Umpire Tim Welke watched, but ignored, Evan Longoria tag Jimmy Rollins in the rear before Rollins returned to third base in the second inning. Rollins was called safe and later scored on a walk for the Phillies first run. To see a better and infinitely more personal view, click here.

To be fair, Rays pitcher Andy Sonnanstine messed up Rollins' rundown. First, he passed on what should have been a 1-6-3 double play with the sluggish Ryan Howard running to first base. Then, Sonnanstine waited too long to throw to Longoria. But what's with the amateurish umpiring in the series? Controversies in every game, most of them hurting Tampa Bay, and none of them reviewable by Bud Selig's holy grail, instant replay.

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