Goofball fan dives into bush at Petco after Jason Heyward home run ball

David Brown
Big League Stew

Everybody knows that Atlanta Braves slugger Jason Heyward has been struggling this season. And yet, his home runs balls aren't so rare that any single Heyward souvenir is worth risking one's own health, or even dignity.

Well, someone forgot to tell the broseph at San Diego's Petco Park who jumped into a bush Monday night after Heyward launched his second deep of the game. The sunglasses-at-night-, backward-cap-wearing fan did not come away with the ball, but he did appear to help knock it free of the bush's clutches that enabled the taller, shaved-head, Dale Sveum-type guy to walk away with the glory. D'oh!

While he's no "adult fan barreling over child," it's still a pretty dopey thing to do.
Although I expect Heyward to right his career and make some All-Star teams, the resale value on career home run No. 64 is going to be limited for some time. The Braves didn't even win the game, falling 7-6 to the Padres, with Dale Thayer hanging on for the save after allowing the Heyward dinger.

Poor Heyward. The highlight of his season so far has been tipping his cap to Matt Kemp after being robbed of a home run. He'll get it together, and those home run balls will start to accrue in value for collectors. Maybe not to shrub-diving proportions, but up.

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