My goodness gracious! Waldman first woman to call World Series

NEW YORK — Up until this week, Suzyn Waldman was best known for the histrionics she performed while announcing Roger Clemens' return in 2007.

But the Yankees broadcaster added a much better line to her resume during Wednesday's Game 1.

As she worked in the WCBS radio booth with John Sterling and with First Lady Michelle Obama at Yankee Stadium, Waldman became the first woman to broadcast a World Series game.

"Yeah, I'm very proud of this; I'm extremely proud of this,'' Waldman said to Newsday's Neil Best before the game. "This is very important to me. This is the World Series — it's the World Series. It doesn't get any more important, to me anyway, than this. So this is mine. This is something no one can ever take away.''

Waldman has worked with Sterling since 2005 and has often been the target of many slings and arrows from a critical public. While someone in her trailblazing position has to expect that type of negative feedback, she sometimes didn't do much to help her cause, like when she cried during Joe Torre's final game with the Yankees.

But those highly publicized incidents aside, I've usually enjoyed listening to Waldman when turning into the Yankees on satellite radio. She puts in a lot of work, knows what she's talking about and comes off much better than her bozo partner (which isn't that hard, but still).

Though being the first woman to work a World Series game is a cool enough achievement, what makes it even cooler that Waldman, a breast cancer survivor, entered the history books during breast cancer awareness month. Here's a big BLS head nod going Waldman's way.

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