Who you gonna call in case of ghosts? Gary Sheffield sure knows

If there's somethin' strange, in Sheff's neighborhood, who's he gonna call?

If there's something weird, and it don't look good, who's he gonna call?

The t-shirt says it all. Gary Sheffield ain't afraid of no ghosts.

Shortly after finishing a two-home run spring game against the Yankees on Wednesday — which doesn't count, sadly, toward his career total in the regular season — Sheffield started to walk out of Tigertown in Lakeland, Fla. without it going on the permanent record that he was doing so while wearing a "Ghost Busters" t-shirt.

Not so fast, Mr. Probable Hall of Famer.

Sheffield was 15 years old when the original spirit trappers first worked their ectoplasmic magic in the summer of '84, and he was an everyday player in the majors by the time its sequel came out in '89. Twenty years after that, another sequel is in the works and it obviously has Sheff in a tizzy. How excited would he be to attend a "Ghost Busters III" premiere?

"Meh, not really that much," said Sheffield (and, yes, he really used 'meh'). "I think I'm just going to have to be happy with my t-shirt."

Sheffield, who is sitting on 499 career deeps, came in 1-for-16 this spring before connecting against CC Sabathia with a man aboard in the second inning. Sheff also slimed Alfredo Aceves with a solo shot in the fourth. He came, he saw, he kicked its you-know-what.

Just don't cross the streams, Sheff. Might burn your face off.

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