Gio Gonzalez suffers rug burn on forehead wrestling with pet bulldog Hollywood

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Washington Nationals left-hander Gio Gonzalez disclosed he already is pitching through a minor injury, related to off-the-field, interspecies roughhousing. After posting two strikeouts and a walk over two scoreless innings in his spring debut Monday night, Gonzalez was asked about the fresh scar on his forehead. Had he taken a line drive there while nobody was looking? Had he cut himself shaving where there was no hair?

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It's almost that silly. Dan Kolko of MASN reports that Gonzalez was a victim of friendly fire, courtesy of Hollywood, his pet bulldog:

How could you get mad at that face? Hollywood's, I mean. Gonzalez recently signed a contract extension that, reportedly, could be worth about $65 million if all goes well. Why is Hollywood scratching the forehead that feeds her? Does she need a time out?

It's not the first time a pro athlete got hurt because of the family's pet pooch, of course.

The most famous incident might be Brian Griese tripping over his dog, he said, as both of them tried to use the stairs at the same time. In baseball, (not to sound like George Carlin), but Miguel Cabrera briefly blamed the family dog for scratches on his face. The truth came out, not long afterward, that his facial blemishes came from a domestic dispute with his wife. (Did the dog ever receive an apology?)

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Then there's the case of J.P. Howell, who said wrestling with his dog conditioned him make an athletic play that helped to win a game. This might be the way for Gio and Hollywood to go. Go ahead and wrestle, but make it productive wrestling.

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