Giants team plane waits on tarmac for Cardinals-Nationals results

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Anyone watching Game 5 of the Nationals-Cardinals NLDS had to be on the edge of his or her seat waiting for the outcome. Turns out the San Francisco Giants were just like the rest of us, watching for their next opponent — only their seats had to be upright and their tray tables should have been in a locked position in order for the airplane to safely take off.

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The Giants spent a couple of hours waiting in their team charter on the tarmac of a Cincinnati-area airport Friday night waiting to see what was next for them in the postseason odyssey. Rather than flying home to San Francisco after completing their unprecedented comeback against the Reds on Thursday night, the Giants stuck around another day in case they'd have to be in Washington D.C. on Sunday night for Game 1 of NLCS. Why fly all of the way across the country and back if you don't have to, right? Well, they started out watching Nats-Cards in a hotel ballroom after checking out of their rooms, but when Washington jumped to a big lead, the Giants hedged and headed to the airport. They didn't take off, though. Prudent, but the tactic also made for some tense moments on the tarmac for the players:

For wives, too:

But then the Cardinals put on an unprecedented comeback of their own. In the name of Descalso and Kozma, the Giants could go home!

And thanks to the Kung Fu Panda camera, we have the great shot of Sandoval, Tim Lincecum and the boys watching the unreal Cardinals comeback/Nationals meltdown. It will be hard for the next round to top the previous round. But if it's anywhere near as intense, one of the remaining teams could be back at the airport, waiting to see who, what and where come next.

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