Giants parade: Bruce Bochy’s Rolls Royce runs out of gas en route (Video)

David Brown
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A funny thing happened to San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy on the way to a downtown rally honoring the World Series champions Wednesday. The Rolls Royce in which he and his wife were riding apparently ran out of gas along the Market Street parade route and had to be pushed by good Samaritans to Civic Center Plaza.

Boy, it's a good thing the Giants beat the Tigers in four games to win their second world's championship in three years. Anything other than a sweep and they probably run out of gas. Am I right? But seriously, either someone forgot to fill 'er up in the morning (looking at YOU, Brian Wilson), or the gas tank on a '58 Rolls (a guess) is the size of the thermos. Someone needs to ask this lady. She was driving. Hopefully this isn't a prelude to the Giants being cheapskates this winter. Gas prices have been dropping, you know?

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Thanks to the Hall of Very Good for being in position to get a screen cap. And further thanks to a semi-anonymous person uploading to YouTube, because we got something even better: Video of Comcast Sports Net Bay Area video of people pushing the car along the parade route:

And I used to make fun of my grandfather for taking pictures of the TV when, for example, the space shuttle landed for the first time. (No, he really did.) But I kid. We're grateful for this being the best available video of the Giants parade blooper.

Here's a little citizen video of the Rolls before the internal combustion failure. Sharp ride. And here's what Bochy told the throngs thongs at the rally once he reached the promised land. Nice speech. All was well that ended well. Although the journey was a lot of fun, too.

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