Giancarlo Stanton misses cutoff man, and Logan Morrison is thankful for it (Video)

As we've documented on several occasions this season, Miami Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton is a dangerous man with a baseball bat in his hands. Whether it be an unfortunate fan, or even a defenseless scoreboard some 420-plus-feet away from home plate, you simply don't want to be in the path of any baseball he connects with solidly.

In our continuing effort to keep everybody safe and sound at the ballpark, we're now going to have to revise our warnings, because we have evidence the danger doesn't only exist when the Marlins are hitting.

It now appears Stanton is just as dangerous when he's in the field, and there's a different set of people who reside in the danger zone. Specifically, his teammates. Because as Marlins first baseman Logan Morrison nearly learned the hard way on Thursday night, you don't want to be anywhere near one of his laser throws from the outfield, either.

Whew. That nearly dramatically altered Morrison's smile, which thankfully he was able to flash as he picked himself off the dirt.

Of course, typically Morrison would find himself at a safer distance from Stanton's right-field cannon, but since he made a diving attempt for the base hit, and because Stanton got to it so quickly, he ended up right in the line of fire. And as the old joke goes, only the Marlins clubhouse manager will know how scared he was for that split second as the seams zoomed past his face.

So now our new warning to all: Watch out for bats and balls at all times.

When Giancarlo Stanton is present: Take cover.

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