Giancarlo Stanton home run lands on Planet Hoagie at Citizens Bank Park

Giancarlo Stanton home run lands on Planet Hoagie at Citizens Bank Park

On any given swing, Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton can send a baseball to a destination never believed possible. As we learned Wednesday night, that includes other planets.

During the sixth inning of Miami's 4-3 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies, Stanton absolutely demolished Ethan Martin's 1-1 breaking ball well beyond the left center field seats at Citizens Bank Park. The baseball also cleared the concourse level with relative ease and ended up striking the facade of the "Planet Hoagie" concession stand.

One small step for man. One mammoth moonshot to the sandwich shop for Stanton.

I can't wait to see this list ten years from now.

According to ESPN's hit tracker, the true distance of travel on Stanton's home run was 463 feet. Incredibly, that's not even within 20 feet of the longest home run hit at Citizens Bank Park this season. Back on Sept. 8, Evan Gattis hit a 486 foot homer to straight away center field that landed just to the right of Tony Luke's. That also stands as the longest home run in MLB this season.

Unfortunately for Stanton, there's no consolation prize for second place. But there needs to be an unwritten rule that clearly states any player who hits a home run to Planet Hoagie gets to name a sandwich after himself immediately. If you were Giancarlo Stanton, what would you name your sandwich?

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