Giancarlo Stanton goes crocodile hunting in Florida

The grind of a seemingly never-ending spring training can leave players searching for unique ways to entertain themselves and ultimately keep their sanity. With that in mind, I‘m pretty sure that in no way explains what got into Miami Marlins superstar Giancarlo Stanton on Saturday.

After all, it was only March 1. That‘s way too early to flip out. And that creature he’s approaching in the photo? That’s a crocodile.

A real life crocodile.

That's not a solution anybody would suggest if you're hoping to maintain sanity.

Work on your reaction time? Maybe. Maintain sanity? Not so much.

Whatever works for you, Giancarlo.

Of course, we should probably note that it's not completely clear when the photo was taken. The tweet itself was sent about an hour after the Marlins finished up their 5-4 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals in Jupiter, Fla on Saturday afternoon. Stanton started the game and contributed a fourth inning double, but was removed shortly thereafter. The assumption here is Stanton got dressed and confronted the croc somewhere close to the ballpark.

But regardless of the when, the question here is more of a why? And we're sure the Marlins response to the photo is a straight forward "never again."

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