Giancarlo Stanton covers Beyonce’s ‘All the Single Ladies’ with accurate arm and finger choreography!

David Brown
Big League Stew

Giancarlo Stanton appeared on MLB Network's "Intentional Talk" show Tuesday night and presumably was asked some questions about the Miami Marlins and whatnot. We're more interested in the whatnot, specifically his impersonation of pop diva Beyoncé.

All of the context we have in the video clip is co-host Kevin Millar saying to Stanton:

"Gimme just a little Beyonce right now. Since we finished with Beyonce, and she is the hottest of the group, gimme just a little bit of Beyonce."

After blanking for several seconds, Stanton stepped up to the plate mic and started grooving, or something, to "All the Single Ladies," complete with semi-accurate miming of her performance that includes the trademark "Should (of) put a ring on it," arm movements. Oh, karaoke.

Clearly, it's something he would not have been open to doing when we called him Mike Stanton before the 2012 season. I like Giancarlo better. And he has plenty of time to use this moment as a springboard to get his slugging percentage higher.

The biggest question is, will the Marlins stick with their plan of alienating everyone and acquiring young talent long enough for Stanton to put a ring on it while playing for them?

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