Fan lies about Giancarlo Stanton's home run blast bruising his hand at Derby

UPDATE: The fan has come clean and said his entire claim was a hoax.

In a tweet sent out on Thursday morning, Jordan Jacobson writes:

"I want to sincerely apologize to Giancarlo and the Miami Marlin community. My ill attempt to make fun of my own birth defect by suggesting it was the result of an attempt to catch a baseball clearly was not wise. What started as a funny joke between friends quickly got away from me. For that I am disappointed and embarrassed. Please accept my apologies." 

Original post: A little advice for those who may be planning on attending a Miami Marlins game in the near future: Bring a glove!

If you're dead set against wearing a glove, do yourself a favor and stand a safe distance away from home plate when Giancarlo Stanton is taking batting practice or hitting in a game. It could save your hand — or even your face — from looking like this.

The hand pictured belongs to Jordan Jacobson, who was on hand for Monday night's Home Run Derby at Target Field. He obviously attempted to grab one of Stanton's six first-round home runs — the Marlins slugger was eliminated after going homerless in the second round — and his hand paid a significant price for his efforts.

There's some really ugly bruising and swelling of the palm and fingers, which shows clearly in the photo. And to make matters worse, according to MLB Fan Cave, he didn't even end up with the souvenir.

That's a lot of pain, anguish and ice packs for nothing! 

In Jacobson's defense, he was probably sitting in an area that most would have believed was unreachable during the Derby — like 510 feet from home plate and 10 rows from the top of the stadium. Unfortunately for him, with Stanton's immense power, no place is safe. 

The lesson here really is to always bring a glove — especially to a Home Run Derby — regardless of where you're sitting, because you'll keep yourself safe and you are more likely to leave with a souvenir, or even two, like this lucky father from Minnesota

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