George W. Bush may have found his post-Presidential calling

He's probably not going to become a Supreme Court judge like Taft, another party's nominee like Teddy R. or a highly sought-after speaker like Bill Clinton.

So after watching him stride out to the mound to huge cheers from Rangers fans on Monday and then deliver a strike to start the season, I had an idea for the post-Presidential career of one George W. Bush.

Why not have Texas designate him as the Rangers' official Ceremonial First Pitcher for the next few years?

I mean, it's obvious that the 43rd POTUS loves the game of baseball and he's thrown out several first pitches without issuing a blooper-worthy first pitch like Cincinnati's mayor did a few years back. When you look back at his presidency, the strike he threw at Yankee Stadium before Game 3 of the 2001 World Series stands out as one of its biggest highlights.

So why not allow him a chance to salvage a bit of his legacy by rejoining the team he used to own and becoming an ambassador for the game? If things work out and he keeps his velocity up, he could even take his talents league wide and be named Ceremonial First Pitcher of the United States.

After all, President Obama won't be available for every first-pitch opportunity during his tenure — he was too busy calming down the Muslims in Turkey on Monday to attend any Opening Day — and Nick Lachey doesn't pack enough star power to do the job on a regular basis. (He'll always work in a pinch for his hometown of Cincinnati, though.)

So what do you say? In times like these, even our ex-president is looking for a job. And since I'm thinking he'd be good at what I just described, what would it hurt to give him a chance?