George Bush says he won't pursue Bud Selig's commissioner job

Baseball overlord Bud Selig says he plans to retire after his contract runs out after the 2012 season, but we can already eliminate one potential successor if Selig actually goes through with it this time.

President Bush denied that he would have any interest in the baseball's commissioner job while appearing on Larry King Live Tuesday night.

The former Texas Rangers owner also said he wouldn't look to get back into any ownership roles once he resumes life as a normal citizen, preferring instead to get his baseball fix through Extra Innings and what one would assume are some pretty sweet ticket hookups.

From CNN transcripts:

KING: If Bud Selig retires, which he probably will pretty soon, would you be commissioner?

G. BUSH: No, no.

KING: Would you get back into the game?

G. BUSH: No. I'm going to be a fan. I'll keep knowledgeable so I can hang in there with you when it comes time to talk modern, current baseball.

No word on if Bush plans to petition Barack Obama for an appointment to be either the nation's official first pitch hurler, t-ball game host, World Series jersey accepter or some job that would be a combination of all three.

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