George Brett leads ‘official Royal baby food tasters’

David Brown

An heir to the throne of Great Britain is on the way: Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has gone into labor, reportedly. And all of the members of the Royal family are ready to assist. The Kansas City Royals, especially.

While visiting the MLB Fan Cave in New York City, coach and Hall of Famer George Brett, ace right-hander James Shields and slugger Eric Hosmer put their eating skills to use as "official Royal baby food tasters." There's no reason the little rapscallion should have to risk an upset tummy by eating untested food.

Hosmer took a spoonful of chicken and gravy, Brett downed some carrots and Shields volunteered to eat sweet peas. Yummy nom noms! All of it was captured in stylized slow-motion video, with the highlight probably being Brett sticking out his tongue at the camera:

It's pretty cool that the Fan Cave got a Hall of Famer to do this. It's my kind of stupid. If only they had donned bibs, it would have been more thoroughly humiliating. But it's all in good fun.

The Fan Cave also sought advice from major leaguers on raising kids — seems wise — and got them to dish it at the All-Star Game. The best? Torii Hunter saying to "learn the formulas," as if they're math, or something. Other than that, David Ortiz encouraging Kate and Wills to "have a baseball player in the royal family," and not soccer, sounds about right.

As Lt. Frank Drebin of Police Squad might say, no matter how silly the idea of having a monarchy might be to us, The Stew wishes the best of luck to the House of Windsor on its impending addition. It's too bad the baby's paternal grandmother isn't here to see it happen.

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