Game on! Baseball returns to Boston on Saturday

Not long after law enforcement officials captured Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on Friday night, the Boston Red Sox excitedly tweeted that baseball would be returning to Fenway Park on Saturday afternoon.

It was also announced that Saturday's game will be broadcast by MLB Network, with a special pregame show beginning at 12:30 p.m. ET. Standard blackout rules apply in the Boston and Kansas City markets. Part of the pre-game ceremonies was an American Flag drop by first-responders and volunteers from the Boston community. Billie Weiss, the assistant team photographer for the Red Sox, captured the must-watch video above during preparations.

Obviously this is a big day for the city of Boston as evidenced by the celebrations in the streets late Friday night into Saturday morning and even the reactions from all around the country — including Citi Field in New York — and there's nothing bigger in town than a Red Sox game at Fenway. It might even feel like opening day all over again. After spending four terrifying days (that probably felt like four months) wondering and waiting, they can finally get back to normal and turn their pent up anxiety into positive energy.

Of course the players are just as excited, and many of them took to Twitter to express their joy and also say thank you to those who keep their city safe.

Friday's game was postponed with the city still under lockdown as the manhunt continued through the afternoon hours. It will be made up in a Sunday doubleheader.

As for my personal message to Boston and especially those heading to Fenway on Saturday morning: Go. Have. Fun!

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