Funky delivery: A.J. Ellis watches as newborn daughter arrives on way to hospital

Kevin Kaduk
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Whoever said a ballplayer needed to make the postseason to have an exciting October?

Los Angeles Dodgers catcher A.J. Ellis experienced a gripping, thrilling and tense victory earlier this  month when he and his wife Cindy welcomed their third child into the world on Oct. 12. An offseason delivery might not seem too out of the ordinary until you learn that the birth took place at 75 miles per hour and in the front seat of the car belonging to Ellis' father-in-law.

Molly Knight relates all the crazy details about the miracle of birth in a finely reported story on

(Cindy) began screaming at her husband that she didn't think they were going to make it to the hospital.

"And I'm thinking, this is 2012, not the 'Oregon Trail.' Of course we're gonna make it," Ellis said. "So I'm calmly telling her we're making it. I figured she was just panicking because she was in excruciating pain."

As Ellis merged on to the interstate, Cindy laid down the front passenger seat and turned to face out the rear window of the car. Writhing in pain, she got down on all fours and gripped the headrest.

"I kept telling him the pain was not normal, but in his mind it was," Cindy said. "Then a minute later I felt the head."

They were 18 miles from the hospital.

There are plenty of other entertaining details and quotes from Ellis — especially the part about learning the sex —  so I encourage you to go read the entire story.

But the bottom line is that little Audrey Elizabeth is completely healthy even though she arrived two weeks early and could have ended up on a floor mat. Mom was fine, too.

As for Dad? Well, after "panicking and screaming,"  we're guessing he'll have the best story to tell when the Dodgers meet for spring training next year.

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