Free agent reliever Tim Byrdak seeks job with handwritten classified ad on Twitter

Veteran reliever Tim Byrdak is far from the only experienced major leaguer struggling to find work during the off-season, but he may be the most creative (or desperate) depending on your viewpoint of his most unusual job seeking strategy.

As they say, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands if you want to create opportunities for yourself. On Tuesday, the always crafty and sometimes comical left-hander did just that, posting a handwritten note on Twitter that could also serve as a classified ad in the local newspaper.

That is outstanding on so many levels.

First and foremost, Mrs. Byrdak, we feel for you. Baseball players are creatures of habit, and we can only imagine how one might react when spring training opens up and they're not a part of the action.

Also, in an awesome touch, Byrdak, who only appeared in eight games for the New York Mets last season as he recovered from major shoulder surgery, offers a guaranteed warranty in case of a breakdown.

That's an offer you can't pass up. As a matter of fact, one team already came forward looking to make a play for his services.

Not exactly what he had in mind. But, you know, free beer!

As for the real offers, well, those have been a little slow to trickle in. That's discouraging for Byrdak, but it's also giving him time to focus on life after baseball.

Please, somebody sign Tim Byrdak! Do it for his wife. Do it for all of us. He still has some gas left in the tank 16 years and five teams after debuting with the Kansas City Royals, and the league won't be nearly as fun without its favorite Late Model LHR.

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