Frank Thomas calls out Sammy Sosa and Skip Bayless in interview with Jim Rome

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Since his induction into the Baseball Hall of the Fame was made official last week, Frank Thomas has been speaking candidly about his view of baseball's "steroid era."

He's reiterated that he was 100% clean, he's said he and other players don't want PED users in the Hall of Fame and he's theorized that his production caused others to cheat.

Thomas keeps up his candidness in a new interview airing Wednesday at 10 p.m. on "Jim Rome on Showtime." As you'll see in the clip above, Thomas isn't shy about putting a hurting on Sosa's home-run numbers.

"I knew it was shady when Sammy Sosa hit 60 home runs," he says. Thomas recalls being a teammate of Sosa's and seeing him as a 25-27 home-run guy. Then Sosa was hitting 66 by 1998? The Big Hurt wasn't buying it. "There's no way he doubled me up," he says.

Thomas also calls out ESPN's Skip Bayless. Bayless, never afraid to be provocative, said last week that he's still skeptical about Thomas being clean. "I'd like to have a conversation with him," Thomas answered back. "When people brought up my name, I was the first one on the front line. You want to lie detector me, you want to do anything to me? I will do it right now."

You know where this is probably leading, right? Bayless is going to turn into Maury Povich (or, Rick Reilly) and ask Thomas to take a lie-detector test right on "First Take." We'd all be worse off.

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