Francisco Rodriguez steps on cactus and injures foot

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Francisco Rodriguez (left) should not have tangled with Toby from the "Sherrif Callie' show.


Francisco Rodriguez (left) should not have tangled with Toby from the "Sherrif Callie' show.

They call it the Cactus League for a reason. Right-hander Francisco Rodriguez probably knew why already, but he got reminded in a most prickly way Tuesday after he stepped on a cactus.

Ow, ow, OWWWWWW!

Reporter Todd Rosiak of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says it isn't "a huge deal," but reported that Brewers staff were working on pulling out barbs on Wednesday.

To repeat: Ow, ow, OWWWWW!

That means, apparently, that Rodriguez didn't go the emergency room on Tuesday, when he stepped on a cactus. He was sitting around for hours with spines in his foot. Sleeping with spines in his foot. It's likely we won't learn the circumstances of how cactus spines ended up in K-Rod's foot until Thursday, the next time he'll probably speak to reporters. However, Milwaukee Brewers manager Ron Roenicke said it wouldn't shock him to see Rodriguez try and pitch Wednesday. No kidding, with that pain threshold.

Cacti are not known to attack unless provoked. For example, Toby — the Cactus from "Sheriff Callie" who wears a hat — is usually quite friendly. What did K-Rod do?

A barefoot stroll in the desert? Flimsy flip flops? Really strong spines that penetrate Major League Baseball cleats? Regardless, this incident gains Rodriguez into Baseball's Odd Injury Hall of Fame. It was just last season that Brewers' GM Doug Melvin was rushed to urgent care after being stung by a scorpion — another injury that's more likely in the Cactus League than other places.

Imagine, if the Brewers trained in Florida, the worst Rodriguez could fear would be stepping on a grapefruit.


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