Fox TV Tampa Bay makes shameful comparison with Detroit after David Price trade

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Detroit, trying to stand on its feet after decades of decay, is an easy target for pot shots. Crime, urban blight, whatever, Detroit is low-hanging fruit when it comes to rusty jokes. Someone running the Twitter account for the Fox TV station in Tampa Bay thought it would be funny Thursday afternoon to give David Price an idea of what he was in for after being traded from the Tampa Bay Rays to the Detroit Tigers. He or she used Detroit's problems to marginalize Price's new surroundings.

Even though the tweet already has been deleted and apologized for, this is what it described to Fox 13's 40,000 followers plus others: It compares a white sandy beach of Tampa Bay (presumably) with a condemned block in Detroit (presumably). The captions read: "Take some comfort, Rays fans," along with "Good luck, David."

Not original or funny, just mean-spirited and misleading. In fact, St. Petersburg, Fla., (where the Rays play) doesn't compare as well to Detroit as Fox 13 might think when it comes to crime. And if you've ever actually been to Detroit, and interacted with the people who work and live there, you'd never consider hurting their feelings like this.

This is how the Fox TV station in Detroit responded, and if you know something about baseball in both cities, you know what's coming:

That's the best thing possible to say. Although, paradoxically, the Rays' attendance problems are sort of like the Detroit of Major League Baseball jokes. The subject has been beaten to death, it's not really fair to the fans, and it's time to think of something else to say.

After today.

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