Flipping the bird: Pirate Parrot falls out of stands pursuing (fowl) ball

David Brown
Big League Stew

The Pittsburgh Pirates lead Major League Baseball with 51 victories. Their ugly streak of 20 straight seasons finishing under .500 gets closer to ending with every victory earned and every day scratched off the calendar. Life is good. Except for one member of the organization: It's the Pirate Parrot, the team's mascot. He fell out of the stands Sunday from a seat in the front row, going beak over claws, after a foul ball by Pittsburgh's Josh Harrison.

Talk about flipping the bird.

C'mon, Parrot. Act like you've been there before. Fans have been kicked out for less by zealous security officers in other ballparks, but the guys at PNC Park appeared to give the local bird benefit of the doubt. Thankfully for the home team, the Bucs shook it off and beat the Milwaukee Brewers in 14 innings. But what if the playoffs come to Pittsburgh? The mascot's going to need to do much better. The Oriole Bird, now that's a pro's pro.

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