Five things we’d like to see from the Arizona Diamondbacks new mascot Luchador

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

The Arizona Diamondbacks made Luchador — the lucha libre wrestler who has been affiliated with the team since 2012 — an official mascot on Thursday.

It's a move that not only gives the D-backs the only human mascot in MLB, but also perhaps the coolest mascot, period. Yeah, furry animals are cool and colorful and the kids like 'em. But having a masked wrestler rep your team opens up a number of possibilities that a normal mascot just can't give you.

Here are some things that Big League Stew would like to see from Luchador, now that he's reached official mascot status:

1. Feud with Baxter the Bobcat: Like a great professional wrestling feud, Luchador could interrupt Baxter, the D-backs' primary mascot. Maybe harass him or hit him with a steel chair or two.

2. Cut some promos: Bring some of that pro-wrestling pageantry to the diamond. Trash-talking promos are, of course, a pillar of pro wrestling. The D-backs are a team that gets social media, and trust us, a video of Luchador talking trash to an opponent, say Yasiel Puig, would blow up online.

3. Wrestle Josh Reddick: Oakland Athletics outfielder Josh Reddick is one of the biggest pro wrestling fans in baseball. A fact that you probably already know from his photo day poses. We propose: Next time the A's are in town, exhibition match.

4. Gibby-Luchador skits: We're envisioning a series of skits where Luchador tries to endear himself to the tough-as-nails D-backs manager Kirk Gibson, who wants nothing to do with this masked man. Think Steve Urkel-Laura Winslow, just with wrestling masks and baseball bats instead of suspenders.

5. Backflips off the dugout: Simply put, if Luchador isn't jumping off of things and doing flips, we'll be sorely disappointed. It could open up a new era in baseball: extreme mascotting.

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