Final Vote campaign poster submissions are here — now go vote for your favorite

Mike Oz

We're now in the second phase of our All-Star Game Final Vote campaign poster contest. We asked you for entries and now we have 17 for you to judge. Thanks to all who submitted.

Just like it's up to fans to pick the final All-Star for each team, now it's up to other readers to pick the best campaign poster. Peruse the slideshow below, then head over to the Big League Stew Facebook page and "like" your favorite poster(s).

The poster that gets the most "likes" on their entry wins an All-Star Game jersey. Give our Facebook page a "like" while you're there, if you haven't yet. We'd appreciate it.

Now a few notes about voting:

• "Like" as many posters as you want. You can throw your unwavering support behind one poster, or like half of them. Doesn't matter. Only the total number of "likes" matters.

• Comments of support in this post are appreciated but don't count toward the winning tally.

• We'll end the contest at 3 a.m. EST Friday morning, which is also midnight for your West Coasters.

As for the REAL Final Vote, that ends Thursday at 4 p.m. ET. The Twitter portion begins at 10 a.m. ET. Freddie Freeman and Steve Delabar continue to lead their respective races.

Baseball season's in full swing. Don't miss a thing.
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