Fight! Three players ejected in wild college baseball brawl

Strangely, we’ve already been treated to a snowball fight in college baseball this season. Now we can officially cross the more traditional bench-clearing brawl off the list of firsts in 2013 after a wild melee broke out at the Sacramento State-UC Riverside game on Friday afternoon.

As you'll see in the video, the fight broke out after Sac. State second baseman Andrew Ayers chased down and tagged out Riverside baserunner Eddie Young during a third inning rundown. Ayers then added a little extra shove afterwards and perhaps a verbal taunt, which led to Young throwing and landing a right cross on the jaw that Ayers barely acknowledged.

It was a stone-jawed no sell if I've seen one.

Here's a look at the video

At that point, third baseman Will Soto Jr. tackled Young to possibly prevent him from breaking his hand or at least damaging his pride, and then all heck broke loose for the next thirty seconds as bodies streamed in from the dugouts and bullpens.

When the dust finally settled, UC Riverside came out ahead 2-1. That's in runs and also players ejected. Ayers — who oh by the way was the Western Athletic Conference Player of the Year as a junior in 2012, was the lone Sacramento State player tossed. Young and catcher Drake Zarate got the thumb for Riverside.

Per NCAA rules, all three will be suspended for the next four games. That's probably a good thing, too, considering the two teams will hook up for a doubleheader on Saturday before wrapping the series up with a single game on Sunday.

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On a personal note, I'd just like to add that the snowball fight is something I strongly endorse. More of those in a baseball setting would be terrific. I can also live with a good bench-clearing situation, but the punches aren't nearly as cool unless you've got a guy half your age in a headlock when you start whaling away. Just keep those thoughts in mind in the future if you're faced with these circumstances.

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