‘Fenway South’ gives Red Sox a taste of home (VIDEO)

David Brown
Big League Stew

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Boston Red Sox fans are going to love their team's new spring training ballpark for lots of reasons, but most of all because it should remind them of home.

How could it not: The left field fence looks like an exact replica of the Green Monster at Fenway Park — perhaps the most recognizable icon in Major League Baseball.

The fence has it all, including the required color, length (231 feet), an old-school manually operated scoreboard (originally used from 1976-2002 for Red Sox spring training, and now again), plus seating on top. But it is different in two ways: There's also seating inside the scoreboard, which forced engineers to make the fence 43 feet high — or six feet taller than the original Green Monster at Fenway.

That means if Dustin Pedroia can clear the fence in spring training, he'll have no trouble doing the same during the regular season. Another way it's better: This Monster hasn't been urinated upon from the inside by Manny Ramirez.

The rest of the outfield dimensions — from the triangle in deep center, to the unique bullpens, to the rounded fence by the Pesky Pole in right — also are just like in Boston, minus all of the history.

Below, check out a video, more photos and some observations from JetBlue Park — "Fenway South — the Red Sox's awesome home away from Boston.

(It's not Scorsese doing "The Departed" but it gives you a quick idea of what JetBlue is like.)

* * *

Details are important: Take note at what is embedded into the long white stripes: Morse code that stands for the names of former Red Sox owners Tom and Jean Yawkey.

* * *

The rest of JetBlue park, with its cantilever roof over the grandstand, doesn't resemble Fenway much at all. It's more like any other modern spring facility — which the Red Sox needed too.

The right-field line is just as tough to play as it will be at Fenway.

* * *

You want art? JetBlue Park's got art. This might look like the tail of an airplane — and it is — but it's also a sundial.

* * *

An identical statue of Ted Williams and "Jimmy" — as in the Red Sox charity "The Jimmy Fund" — stands at Fenway Park as well. They don't all appear in the photo, but nine palm trees set behind the statue of No. 9.

* * *

These Monster seats will run you $35. Here's a full list of prices and other info for taking in a game at JetBlue Park.

* * *

And thus ends our tour. To do it in person, it'll cost you $5. It's well worth it.

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