My Favorite Story: Orioles' Luke Scott says what’s on his mind

As this final week brings 2010 to a close, the five main Big League Stew staffers will take a look at the stories that captured their fancy the most.

This isn't necessarily a rundown of the biggest moments, mind you — our own Jeff Passan already did that here — just a recollection of the interesting moments that made up the year.

'Duk started us off with a memoir of Dallas Braden(notes) vs. A-Rod. Now it's time to review the Bill of Rights with a certain Baltimore Orioles slugger.

I was minding my own business at baseball's winter meetings when I heard a man behind a curtain talking about the deer he recently killed in Michigan.

Enter Luke Scott(notes).

Awesome, I said to myself. Scott would make a good one-on-one interview to break up the monotony of agent-chasing, GM-chasing and rumor-chasing in Orlando. Beards, guns, deer — all were fun topics — especially with Scott, whose Second Amendment opinions were already familiar to Stew readers.

And then I talked to him. Whoa! Here's part of the actual IM conversation I had with 'Duk about what went down, just after it went down:

3:25:21 PM David Brown: Just talked to Luke Scott

3:26:04 PM 'Duk: was he armed?

3:26:26 PM David Brown: He was not, but the guns aren't far away. He is a hard-core right-winger. Doesn't think Obama was born in the U.S. Said he should be brought up on charges -- I think that's what he said

3:27:08 PM David Brown: It was like a tea party

3:27:37 PM David Brown: there was hunting, guns, beef jerky, ted nugent,

3:27:48 PM David Brown: also, he wants to slug over .600

3:27:57 PM 'Duk: did he really say that about Obama?

3:28:05 PM David Brown: yes, yes he did.

3:28:22 PM 'Duk: holy [cow]

3:28:26 PM David Brown: It was exhilarating and then depressing

3:28:37 PM David Brown: because ... this is going to sound strange ... he's a nice guy.

After all had been said and done, Scott's divisive manifesto had been viewed 3.2 million times on Yahoo! Sports and shared 22,000 times on Facebook. His own team felt compelled to respond and distance itself from what he said. And Scott beat out members of the U.S. Senate to become Keith Olbermann's Worst Person in the World.

I even went on the radio three times (a lot for me!) to talk about it.

Luke Scott does seem like a nice guy; someone to have a beer with, to make beef jerky with. And it's certainly a wonderful thing that his speech is protected. And I was hanging with many of his opinions about honor and accountability, until he got to the birth certificate stuff and how the president should be brought to trial.

The bigger question, though, isn't where President Obama was born. He was born in Hawaii. It's whether Scott can slug .600, like he says he's aiming for next season. He's never been higher than .535 in a full season and he turns 33 in June (assuming his birth certificate is in order).

Here's to Scott continuing to speak his mind (with a little more caution) and a .280./.400/.605 line in 2011.

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