Fashion Ump: 'W' stands for Nationals new uniforms in 2011

The Washington Nationals know how to put on a good fashion show. On Wednesday night, they unveiled new uniforms that, hopefully, they'll stick with for a while. At least until Stephen Strasburg(notes) and Bryce Harper demand something else.

Fashion Ump ruling: God bless America, especially Jordan Zimmermann(notes) (above).

First thought: The new home duds emphasize the awesome Walgreens-like "W" and remove the ugly block-letter "Nationals." Except for an arm patch, the team's nickname has been erased.

And, as others no doubt have noticed, there's almost no chance that "W" will ever be misspelled by a careless uniform manufacturer.

Second thought: They also got rid of the team's secondary interlocking "DC" logo, which was most prominent in the alternate "patriotic" blue uniform. That's too bad. The DC logo was cool, reminiscent of DC Comics, and also a reminder that the Nats are the only team that doesn't play home games in a state.

Third thought: The "W" is colored a la the U.S. flag, which makes it even tackier than before. Isn't patriotism implied about 10 different ways with the Nationals already?

DC Sports Bog, of course, has complete coverage with details of every uniform tweak, and Nationals Buzz has sweet video of Ryan Zimmerman(notes) and Drew Storen(notes) making like the supermodels they are:

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Not enough pouting, boys. What about the entire line?

What a lineup. Storen (25) and Zimmerman (11) are donning the new home whites. Ian Desmond(notes) (6) and John Lannon model the red. Tyler Clippard(notes) (36) wears the road grays — which they thankfully didn't change much. What do you think?

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