Fashion Ump: Pete Rose dons ghastly Reds cap for Strasburg start

No, it's not the ugliest Cincinnati Reds cap money can buy — this one wins — but it's up there. It's also sitting on top of the considerable noggin of icon Pete Rose, who for some reason thought it was OK to wear for Stephen Strasburg's(notes) first start and victory at Great American Ball Park in the Queen City.

Hey, Charlie Hustle. It's a good thing you're Pete Rose, because I'd hate to think someone hustled you out of $34.95 (plus applicable tax, shipping and handling) for that lid.

Rose's girlfriend looks great in the standard Reds colors. No need for a sideshow in Kiana Kim's case. It's a wonder Strasburg wasn't calling time between every pitch, asking for the umpires to take down the distraction because it was getting in the way of him dominating for the Washington Nationals.

Fashion Ump Ruling: Worse than one of Pete's old haircuts (though not worse than Strasburg shirseys outselling Cincy shirts 2:1 in the Reds' own gift shop.)

Big BLS H/N: Nationals Enquirer & D.C. Sports Bog

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