Fashion Ump: Lincecum resembles wizard after donning Snuggie

A big BLS head nod goes out David Chalk's 7th Inning Stache for unearthing a priceless video of Tim Lincecum(notes) doing a photo shoot to promote the San Francisco Giants' upcoming "Snuggie-like-product" Day at AT&T Park on April 23.

It's really enough to warm our hearts back here on the Stew: Lincecum is at his Jimbo-best during the team's PR spot, putting his pants back on — they must have been chafing him — and then posing like the wizard he now resembles.

Here are a few more bits from the Snuggie session:

On the "Snuggie" in general: "Dude, those are great. I see these all the time at Bed, Bath and Beyond ... "

On getting into his robe/role: "Let's get Snuggie in here."

On its features: "Look at this! A front pocket for a remote controller — good!

Make sure to head over to the 'Stache for two minutes of the funny video, which reminds us all how much Timmy likes to have a good time.

(And no, there is absolutely no irony intended in the above statement).

Fashion Ump ruling: Two big fat 'Ws' for warm and win.

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