Fashion Ump: Are the Dodgers prepping playoff beards?

There's been no public mention of a coordinated effort — not that I can find, anyway — but the Sons of Steve Garvey point out that it appears the Dodgers are preparing their faces for an extended run during the postseason. Jon Garland(notes), Manny Ramirez(notes) and Matt Kemp(notes) certainly look ready for the effort and SoSG has a closer look at a number of other team members, including the always ready-for-October Casey Blake.

Playoff beards have generally been the property of hockey players (and their dork fans) and the tactic does seem a little more suited toward the ice warriors. After all, even a first-round loss means hanging around for at least two weeks and a two-month run to the Finals means being able to eventually challenge Grizzly Adams. Compare that to baseball, where a three-game sweep in the LDS means barely getting past the peach fuzz stage.

Still, I admire any team-building effort and the Dodgers' season-long dominance means they've had the luxury of a head start. I don't think I'm fully sold on the idea, but any excuse to link to a picture of Rick Sutcliffe is always a good one.

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