Fans react to Fox playing David Ross interview over wild play in World Series Game 3

One of the wildest plays so far in the World Series happened in the bottom of the third inning of Game 3. With one out, Matt Holliday hit a soft fly ball into shallow center field that caused a little confusion among the Boston Red Sox fielders.

Shortstop Stephen Drew bowed out of the play early and gave center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury that "it's yours, please catch it" look. Ellsbury had a long way to go, too, but had a better angle and seemed to be in good position, but actually overran it slightly and had it bounce off his glove.

With the ball on the ground, the attention quickly turned to Holliday, who wasn't exactly busting it out of the batter's box. Realizing he should easily be at second base, Holliday compounded his first error by unwisely attempting to advance. He wound up getting caught between a rock and a hard place and was easily tagged out.

It was terrible play on both sides that actually fits right well with this so far sloppy World Series. It was also a play that you'd think would garner some quality on-the-spot commentary and analysis from Fox Sports' Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. But we'll never know.

Instead of Fox's broadcasters calling the play live, home viewers were forced to sit through audio of a mid-inning interview with Red Sox backup catcher David Ross. He has a beard, after all, so he gets top priority! That meant Buck and McCarver had to wait another 20-30 seconds for the interview to conclude before they could rehash the play and talk over replays.

That's a long while in sports time, and needless to say the home viewers and baseball writers alike weren't pleased.

Here's a sampling of their anger:


And those are just a few of the cleaner complaints.

It's easy to understand why fans got so frustrated, too. They turned in for baseball coverage, and too often we've served sideshow stuff that has more to do with Fox's agenda than the game. If it's during the pre-game show or in small doses between innings, it's tolerable. When it bleeds over into actual game coverage, it's annoying.

This definitely crossed the line, and it looks like Fox is going to hear about it.

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