Fans in catsuit onesies honor Derek Jeter in Kansas City

David Brown

Derek Jeter feebly swung at strike three against James Shields, stranding the bases loaded and missing another opportunity to contribute something to the New York Yankees' cause in what is supposed to be his final season in Major League Baseball. Nearing age 40, Jeter reportedly is healthy but also has been performing at far below his standards, even factoring a decline the stats can measure and we all can see.

And yet, Jeter finds supporters wherever he goes:

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"Derek Jeter: One classy cat," the signs read when put together by two grown men in knee-high socks and catsuit onesies that resembled feline wrestling singlets. To them, it's the required uniform of a proper Jeter tribute at Kauffman Stadium. It's' demented and sad — but also social. (Hey, in case you want one, they're shockingly pricey.)

On the day, Shields escaped several jams and the Kansas City Royals held off the Yankees 2-1. Jeter went 0 for 4 with the strikeout. But take heart, Captain. There are people out there dressed freakishly who support you. Keep on keepin' on.

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