Fan wearing Jose Mijares cookie medallion shows off ultimate team accessory

David Brown
Big League Stew

Always on the lookout for unusual moments on TV, @cjzero spotted this San Francisco Giants superfan wearing what appears to be a one-of-a-kind medallion. By possible coincidence, the goateed charm also happens to bear a resemblance to bearded lefty Jose Mijares in cookie form. The other items worn by the fan — the cap, jersey and orange flag are fine (if corporate) expressions of a fan's love for his team. But a homemade cookie medallion depicting (even if by accident) a  well-fed, one-out left-hander from the San Francisco bullpen? Now that's dedication to roster detail.

I wonder if the artist who created this piece could do a watch with Ryan Theriot's face, or earrings with the likeness of George Kontos? Brandon Crawford leggings? There's already Panda Sandoval headgear, Brian Wilson beards and Tim Lincecum hair. Could a Giants fan conceivably accessorize his or her entire body with jewelry featuring the bulk of the 40-man roster?

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