Fan wearing choice San Diego Padres shirt makes barehanded grab of foul ball with eyes shut

David Brown
Big League Stew

No beer, no baby, no glove — no looking. And yet, a great catch of a foul ball by a fan wearing an awesome San Diego Padres logo T-shirt at Petco Park on Thursday. On a sunny day, without sunglasses, while being screened by a woman wearing a glove and a distracting ponytail in front of you, with your friends being of no help whatsoever and with your eyes closed. (Or at least in "full squint," as the Pads TV guy said.)

This fan got it done. Brendan Ryan's foul ball never had a chance. Ryan, a great fielder in his own right, must have loved it.

This is definitely what you want to be wearing when you make a great catch in front of people and on TV. The Swinging Friar knows how to catch, too.

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