Fan uses Andrew McCutchen souvenir baseball to ask girl to prom

Finding the right words and the right time to ask that special girl to prom can be an agonizing task for teenagers. Sometimes just mustering the courage is a hard fought battle within our own minds that can lead us to self doubt and eventually making different plans for that special occasion without finding the answer we initially sought.

None of that was a problem for Evan Stitt though. He had the planning, the timing, the confidence and the right words all down pat, and it turns out he also had an indirect assist from Pittsburgh Pirates All-Star and National League MVP Andrew McCutchen.

According to Stitt, McCutchen tossed him the baseball used in his prom request at PNC Park two years ago.

Of course, typically in those situations the baseball will meet one of two fates: A lifetime enclosed in a case, only to be brought out when it's signed by the athlete or showcased to a friend, or immediate use at the next neighborhood pick up game or family picnic, with total loss or destruction likely. In this case, though, Stitt saved it for a more meaningful moment in his life, and the decision paid off. He tells Big League Stew that she did in fact say yes, so he's officially punching his ticket to prom.

We must say, that's a pretty cool story and perhaps the best use of a souvenir baseball we've seen in some time. Here's a hat tip for creativity and a congratulations to Evan Stitt, and likewise a hat tip to McCutchen for always doing right by the fans. With one simple act of kindness, he helped plant the seed for what turned into a very memorable story.

We know McCutchen is bound to collect a few outfield assists this season. Now we can officially credit him with a big assist off the field as well.

Keep doing what you're doing, Mr. McCutchen. It's working on all levels.

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