Fan sells out to make spectacular and dangerous catch

Several spring training games were played in major league venues this weekend, which means everybody brought their “A” game to the ballpark as they gear up for the regular season.

And we do mean everybody, including the souvenir seeking fans.

One fan in particular caught our attention with his exceptional, albeit risky effort to snag a foul ball during Friday night’s Angels-Dodgers game in Los Angeles. Before the ground shook and Vin Scully calmly described a 5.1 earthquake that rocked southern California, Hanley Ramirez lined a foul ball halfway down the first base line right in the direction of our fan. Without thinking twice, he jumped from his seat and risked his well being to come down with the ball.

That was the good news.

The bad news? Gravity.

He went down quick and he went down hard in the aisle way just between two railings. Thankfully, though, he was able to bounce right up seemingly no worse for the wear. And of greater importance to him, the ball remained in his glove — a reminder that gloves are still awesome and can be worn to the ballpark — despite the impact.

If you’re looking for the best fan catch with the happiest ending this spring training, this is definitely it.

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