Fan sacrifices popcorn but still makes difficult one-handed catch

David Brown
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The bar has been set pretty high regarding fans catching foul balls or home runs. To be especially impressive, the play must have a certain degree of difficulty. The fan usually has to be holding something (a beer, a baby, or both) to wow us. The catch this fan made at Comerica Park on Thursday was a little different — popcorn was involved — but it still makes the highlight reel for 2014.

A man wearing a Torii Hunter T-shirt who was walking near home plate on the lower concourse turned heads on a foul ball hit by Kansas City's Mike Moustakas in the fifth inning, making an impressive play that could have ended up being disastrous. The ball appeared to ricochet off a higher deck, and the fan had to step backward down the aisle, somewhat dangerously, without losing his balance. The draw-string tote he had slung over his right shoulder, along with the small tub of popcorn he carried in one hand — not to mention the baseball glove he was holding that we don't see until later — made this even tougher.

No matter: He made a nice one-handed catch, without falling, while simultaneously snatching the ball from another fan lunging for it. He dropped the glove, ironically, but held on to the food container. He lost a little bit of popcorn (you can see the kernels flying), but he didn't take a header, which is where it appeared he was going with this move. In the end, he came up with the ball, picked up his glove, got some applause and still had some popcorn left over.

And the Detroit Tigers beat the Royals 2-1 to avoid a sweep. Nice day at the ballpark, fella.

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