Fan hit in the back by Tyler Moore home-run ball

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Some fans catch home runs bare-handed with a baby in one arm. Some fans make diving catches between the concrete and seats. And then some fans get smacked in the back with a home run ball as they walk away from their seat.

It's unclear whether this gentleman was making a routine trip to the bathroom/beer stand when Washington Nationals outfielder Tyler Moore hit his first home run of the season on Sunday during the Nats win over the Pittsburgh Pirates. He might have noticed the ball coming and made a run for it. We can't be sure either way.

We do know, from the video above, that it hit him right in the back and people around him saw it coming. Bummer, dude. But it's a fact of life: For all these great fan plays we see, we gotta see something like this every once in a while too. It brings balance to the universe.

We did a little Googling and determined the fan's T-shirt says "Nothing Like Your First" — which probably isn't referring to the first time you get hit by a home run at a baseball game. It is a product of the Jordan brand. So we'll leave you to come up with your own Michael Jordan/baseball zingers.

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