Fan films Andrew McCutchen homer from the bat into his glove

When I first saw this clip mentioned on Deadspin, I thought it was a simple resurrection of this 2008 clip in which a Dodgers fan caught a Torii Hunter(notes) homer in batting practice.

But upon closer inspection, holy smokes! That same guy from that '08 video was out at Dodger Stadium over the weekend and he not only caught a batting practice home run from Pittsburgh's Andrew McCutchen(notes) but also his first-inning blast during the actual game.

All while holding a video camera and filming the catches from his perspective.

That he was able to do all this and fight off the demands of some super-classy Dodger fans that he throw the ball back earns even bigger points. I would have busted my beak had I tried the same thing, so this guy's next round of Dodger Dogs is on me next time I head to Chavez Ravine.

Oh, and if you doubt the authenticity of this clip for any reason, check out the highlight on, which shows McCutchen's homer and the catch from the opposite angle.

Big BLS H/N: Rum Bunter

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