Fan with broken arm catches foul ball at Padres game

David Brown
Big League Stew

For every one of us who have brought a glove to a Major League Baseball game and still managed to drop a foul ball, we salute you, David West.

On Monday night, West attended a San Diego Padres game with his broken left arm set in a cast and dangling from a sling. And yet, he managed to grab the ball — on a double clutch — after a hard foul off the bat of a Milwaukee Brewers hitter. West's feat happened during the same game in which Ryan Braun hit three home runs and a triple. But that was with both arms!

West also managed to high-five his buddy and wave his Padres cap to appreciative fans all while holding on to his souvenir (what a multi-tasker!). He later told his story to a Fox Sports San Diego field reporter:

"Foul ball, stood up, this thing was coming right at me, so I had no choice to put my arm up and try and catch it. ... I put my good arm up; I only have one arm right now. That's how I had to do it."

Of course, West (who is not the former Twins and Phillies left-hander of the same name) didn't hurt himself playing baseball.

"It was a fluke-ish broken-arm incident playing football. It was a stupid story, but it happened so [I] deal with it."

Which is why football is dumb. Stick with baseball, son.

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