Famous Rangers fan robs Mariners’ Franklin Gutierrez, breaks into ‘Gangnam Style’ dance (video)

You probably remember Texas Rangers fan Trent Williams from his past adventures on "Greene's Hill" at the Ballpark in Arlington.

He's quite the expert home run catcher — or ballhawk, if you will — and he's made a little name for himself over the past couple years thanks to his success rate, his throwing arm and perhaps even his unique (awkward?) celebrations and dance skills. Heck, he even narrated a segment for MLB Network last season, so chances are you've seen or heard him somewhere.

As per usual, the Rangers season ticket holder was in his seat just off to the right field side of Greene's Hill — the grassy area in straightaway center — during the home team's 5-0 win over the Seattle Mariners on Saturday night. And, once again, he was the first person on the scene when A.J. Pierzynski's flyball came souring towards his property.

This time, though, as Williams reached down to snatch his latest souvenir, Mariners' center fielder Franklin Gutierrez was in the middle of an athletic leap hoping to steal it away and keep it in the park. According to Williams, the two even touched gloves as the ball closed in, but he ultimately won out because of his higher position.

What followed was... you guessed it, more awkward celebrating and dancing as he broke out into the "Gangnam Style" dance.

I bet he's been waiting all winter to do that.

Anyway, because Williams won out, Pierzynski and Rangers did as well. Umpires on the field immediately and correctly ruled it a home run because it had cleared the wall when Williams made contact. Still, he pretty clearly robbed Gutierrez of a chance to do his own robbing and make one of the better defensive plays in the month of April.

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According to T.R. Sullivan of MLB.com, Gutierrez and Mariners manager Eric Wedge saw it the exact same way, though Wedge also agreed it was called correctly.

"Guti said he probably would have had it, but there was somebody else out there that got it before him," Mariners manager Eric Wedge said. "If it's over the fence, that's just whoever comes up with it, comes up with it. There's nothing else we can do about it. But it was potentially a great catch by him. I think he had a chance at it."

Score another one for the "Greene Hill Kid" as he's known around Texas. And score another win for the Rangers, who improved to 11-6 on the young season.

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