As expected, people in Miami would rather have a $5 pizza than Marlins tickets

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Last week when the Miami Marlins started selling tickets on Groupon, I imagined what could possibly happen next for the desperate-to-sell-tickets Marlins.

One crack I made — which was part joke and part intuition — was that people in Miami would rather have a $5 pizza from Little Caesars than Marlins ticket at this point. Both items, we can all agree, aren't tops among their peers.

So I was tickled when reporter Christina Boomer Vazquez of TV news station WPLG in Miami actually took to the streets with a $5 pizza and Marlins tickets to see which some people in Miami preferred. The results are exactly what you expect. (That portion of the story starts at 1:30, but watch the rest to see how bad things are in South Florida right now).

What else did we learn in this latest chapter of Marlin Mischief? Well, the mall ticket broker saying "I'll pay you to take them" about Marlins tickets was priceless.

It means that people are as excited about baseball in Miami this year as the Angels were about having Vernon Wells on their team.

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