Ex-MLB player Fernando Tatis zinged the Broncos pretty good after Super Bowl loss

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Twitter was pretty rude to Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos after their Super Bowl pummeling at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks. Nobody — no matter how deep their 12th-man loyalties ran — predicted the potent Broncos would be blown out by 35 points and muster only eight points. But people sure were happy to pile on to the Broncos' misfortune.

While the memes were aplenty, one of the best zings of the night came from ex-MLB player Fernando Tatis. He's quite a character on Twitter — perhaps too much of a character, it might not even really be him. Nonetheless, he's an entertaining follow.

Anybody familiar with the brightest moment of Tatis' career might already have an inkling where this Broncos joke was going.

Yes, Tatis, did in fact drive in eight runs in a single inning. It happened April 23, 1999 when Tatis, a member of the St. Louis Cardinals, hit two grand slams in the third inning off Chan Ho Park and the Dodgers. Tatis is the only MLB player to ever accomplish that.

You can't blame Fernando Tatis (or his Twitter persona) for bragging about it every once in a while. It's quite a feat. The Super Bowl score was just a softball to be knocked out of the park.

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