Evening Shade: Yanks and Red Sox meet for 88th time this season

Most weekday evenings, Big League Stew checks five approaching games worth monitoring. As they occur, please discuss the night's happenings with other Stewies in the comment section below.

Yankees at Red Sox, 7:10 ET When these two teams met in the Bronx two weekends ago, the Yanks had yet to win a game against the Red Sox all season. New York responded with a monumental four-game sweep and completely blew apart an AL East race that was supposed to be a close competition.

Tonight, they'll bring their 6.5-game lead into Fenway, where they haven't won in seven games. No word on if Kate Hudson will be making the trip north, though it's certain that a sweep either way will decide the tone of the rest of the season.

Giants at Rockies, 9:10 Federal law required me to lead this summary with Red Sox-Yankees, but the real high-stakes action can be found a mile high as San Francisco and Colorado continue their wild card battle. The Rockies currently hold a two-game edge, but seven meetings over the next 10 days — including four contests at Coors Field starting tonight — could change that, as the kids say, right quick.

Rangers at Rays, 7:38 If Tampa Bay wants to catch Boston in the wild card standings, they'll first have to catch the righteous Rangers in their Tropicana Field trap. The two teams are separated by three games in the standings and a Rays sweep would draw 'em even.

Cubs at Dodgers, 10:10 With the Cardinals seven games ahead in the NL Central standings, a playoff housewarming gift for the new Cubs owners looks like a longshot. Even worse, any wins against the Dodgers could potentially help St. Louis in its hunt for homefield advantage.

Phillies at Mets, 7:10 2007 and 2008 called. They're wondering where their rivalry went.