Evening Shade: Plunked by Yankees rookie, Pedroia plays it cool

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Red Sox at Yankees, 7:05 ET Dustin Pedroia(notes) told New York's WFAN radio he doesn't "think" rookie right-hander Mark Melancon(notes) hit him on purpose Thursday night in game one of MEGASERIES! '09! The score was 13-4 at the time, after all. And yet, based on all of what he said, I'm not sure Pedroia is actually convinced of anything.

From WFAN.com:

"I faced him in college," Pedroia said of Melancon. "He went to the University of Arizona and I went to Arizona State."

Mmm, hmm.

"I understand the situation," Pedroia continued. "He's a young guy. I don't know if he's had some control problems, or what, but you don't really like to see that — balls coming at your head — like that. But you know what? I understand the game and we'll move on. I'm not looking to stir anything up, here, I'm just looking to play baseball."


A host asked Pedroia if the Yankees are headhunters?

"I don't know that," Pedroia said. "The only thing I know is, it's great to pitch inside. I'm a baseball player; pitchers need to pitch inside. That's obvious ... but when the ball's up at guys heads, that's when you need to cool it."

Yeah, this ain't over. Josh Beckett(notes) is pitching tonight. If there's not an incident, color my socks (Sox?) shocked.

Twins at Tigers, 7:05 ET The Twinkies just traded for Carl Pavano, proving again the deadline is something of a misnomer. He's not scheduled to pitch tonight (Anthony Swarzak(notes) will go) but look for shots of Pavano in the dugout in his new duds.

Indians at White Sox, 8:11 ET Ironically, perhaps, but coincidentally for sure, Pavano was supposed to start this game for the Indians before the Tribe ejected him to the Twins. Instead, the Sox get Jeremy Sowers(notes) against "Mr. Perfect and Then Perfect Against for 5 2/3" Mark Buehrle(notes). So, did the Twins trade themselves out of a game in the standings? An impossible question to answer (because it's baseball and who knows?) but it's fun to twist your brain around on it.

Cubs at Rockies, 9:10 ET Could be an NLDS preview. Could be what's on because you didn't go see "G.I. Joe."

Rangers at Angels, 10:05 ET Just when you thought the Rangers just played the Angels in Anaheim, they're back again. Texas is still in the thick of the playoff race, but the Mickey Mouse Club can put some space between it and its top rival in the AL West with a big series. It's Feldman v. Saunders in a litigious-looking pitching matchup.

Reds at Giants, 10:15 ET It's Homer Bailey(notes) vs. Tim Lincecum(notes) in the "Oh, that's not fair" matchup of the night.

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