Even the Yankees spring training site has a Monument Park

Forty years ago, Simon and Garfunkel asked, "Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?"

Finally, the classic American pop duo has its answer: Joltin' Joe's final resting place is this memorial park just outside Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, where I'm watching the Yankees play the Rays today. Nearby are markers for the other great Yankees of old — names such as Whitey, Mickey, the Babe, Yogi and Luis Polonia (if i remember correctly).

I happened upon the garden a couple of hours ago It adds a nice touch to the complex, which seems colossal for a spring site — especially compared to the field in Dunedin the Yanks (and the Stew) visited Wednesday.

Before any more of you gawkers and stalkerazzi come out of the woodwork to raid the Yankee Clipper's grave, know this: Nobody is actually buried here, especially Yogi and Polonia, who are alive. As for Mr. Coffee? He rests in California.

This picture also might answer the question of what Derek Jeter did with that sign he didn't steal from Yankee Stadium. Amateur Internet copy editors of the world, can you tell what's wrong with the second sign, the one without the "No. 5"?

No, it's not an "AP Style" thing, which says to truncate "October" to "Oct."

First person to answer gets a free gift from Kaduk. (Right, 'Duk?)

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