Evan Longoria gets crazy in acrobatic stunt plane

Evan Longoria has become the latest athlete to sign on with Red Bull, which means he gets to join Tim Lincecum in doing any number of extreme activities that will eventually end up on Big League Stew. We are nothing if not complicit thrill seekers around these parts.

Anyway, the first mission for the Tampa Bay Rays third baseman was actually something Lincecum did over San Francisco last season. But while Tiny Tim (or others looking out for his safety) gave strict instructions to keep his flight stunt-free, Longoria was able to experience all of the acrobatics that pilot Kirby Chambliss and the Red Bull plane has to offer.

From Red Bull:

Longoria experienced snap rolls, upright blind spins, felt the airplane go nose over tail several times and went straight up at nearly 100 miles per hour backwards.  After cartwheeling end-over-end and living through it, Evan said, "I thought we were going down.  It went black there for a second.  I'm a bit light headed, but I didn't throw up."

Longoria may not have thrown up, but we can only imagine the somersaults that were going on in Andrew Friedman's stomach when he heard about his franchise cornerstone — the one with the insanely team-friendly contract! — climbing aboard for his adventure.

But all's well that ends well and the video from Longoria's mission looks completely awesome. Onto the next bucket list item ...

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